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Why Health Nucleus

Your Personalized
Standard of Health

There is only one you, so why should your standard of health look like everyone else? Health Nucleus (HN) evaluates your health from a completely new viewpoint. Your new standard includes whole genome sequencing, not just a limited panel of genes – paired with a full-body MRI, not just images of one part of your body. You benefit from our highly experienced team of board certified and licensed physicians, geneticists and expert scientists who use innovative technology to bring about the next big shift in quality of life.

New Viewpoint Brings New Discoveries

Thousands of people have benefited from the novel insights obtained through a Health Nucleus assessment.

Health Nucleus Identified

Clinical Findings in 40% of Clients

Health Nucleus infographic

* Significant findings that are actionable include findings requiring immediate or near-term follow-up and intervention; Long-term clinical findings include discoveries requiring medical attention or monitoring but not immediately life threatening; Clients screened for the first time.

Finding Data that Matters

The value of new data is the ability to apply it to your health journey. HN collects, integrates and interprets the vast volumes of data derived from imaging, your genome and clinical labs to extract the actionable findings that make a difference – today, for the future, and for your family’s future.

  • 24% with medically significant genetic findings
  • 2% with a new unsuspected tumor detected (many high grade and early stage)
  • 29% with elevated liver fat
  • 16% with clinically significant cardiac structure or function findings
  • 11% with arrhythmia and conduction disorders of the heart
  • 2% with new identified aneurysm

Health Nucleus Actionable Results from 1190 Healthy Clients

The Impact of Age-Related Diseases

Top Causes of Death for People 50-69 Years of Age

Age related illness

* Ages 50 – 69, 2017 in USA; Adapted from Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington.

Scientific Discovery for Individual Health

Health is a lifelong journey. Our team of leading scientists is discovering trends and benchmarking the latest findings against our growing archive of data. As a Health Nucleus client, you’ll be the first to reap the personalized benefits of the health advancements we’re making.

“Health Nucleus services are performed as part of a research study aiming to create and maintain high quality integrated personalized health data to facilitate medical discoveries and clinical insights for improvement of human health and the practice of medicine.”