What is the Microbiome?

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Your body has approximately 10 trillion cells but is also host to trillions of bacterial cells. These microbes are collectively referred to as the microbiome. They populate your body at birth and are essential for maintaining good health. The Microbiome plays a vital role in the development of the immune system and the digestion of specific foods and it is has also been found to assist in the production of certain nutrients.

DNA sequencing of the microbiome provides a wealth of information about these bacteria that live in and on your body. The results highlight the relationship of these cells to our own and whether or not there is an imbalance or dysbiosis. While we don’t yet understand the full role the microbiome plays in health and disease, continued investigation should elucidate its influence and help identify biomarkers associated with specific diseases.

To analyze your microbiome, we will need a stool sample. You will be provided with a stool collection pack on the day of your Health Nucleus visit. And we will use this sample for your microbiome analysis. If you cannot provide a sample on the day of your visit, we will send you home with a pack and a return label.

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