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Did you know that an estimated 1/3 of men and 1/4 of women will die between the ages of 50 and 74 years old*, mostly from age-related chronic diseases? Health Nucleus is a genomics-based, health assessment platform designed to identify potential health risks EARLY when they can be optimally addressed.

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* 2015 US data from the Global Burden of Disease project (

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Whole Genome Sequencing

Our whole genome sequencing analyzes all of your DNA to provide you with insights into your genetic risks for many health conditions. It can also provide you and your physician information about which medications you may respond to and which ones you should avoid.

Full Body and Brain MRI

Our advanced, high definition MRI scan can detect some cancers, cardiovascular disease, lipid abnormalities, neurodegeneration, and neurovascular disease. Our MRI methods do not use radiation nor contrast dyes and scan your whole body to assess your current health status.

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