Personalized Health Reports

Our suite of personalized health reports are curated to provide you and your physician with the information that is most impactful to your current and future state of health. These reports empower you to to adopt a more proactive, personalized and preventative approach for long-term wellness.

Genomic Clinical Report

The Health Nucleus Genomics Clinical Report provides the actionable genetic findings including predisposition to rare and common diseases, carrier status and pharmacogenomics. Actionability is defined based on expert curation and professional guidelines such as ACMG 59 and ACOG.

Genomic Insights Report

Genomic Insights Report

The Health Nucleus Genomic Insights Report provides information on personal and physical traits such as ancestry, food intolerance and polygenic risk factors for common diseases.


Health Intelligence Report

The Health Intelligence Report is a clinical summary table that highlights key findings in the imaging report and aids healthcare providers in creating personalized patient plans.

ai.Neuro Report

ai.Neuro Report

The Health Nucleus ai.Neuro Report segments, measures and quantifies brain tissue volumes to assess risk of neurodegenerative disease including Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and mild cognitive impairment.

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