Marc Kidd’s Experience

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As CEO of Captivate, Marc Kidd leads a platform that delivers content to the nation’s business leaders on elevator screens coast to coast. He enrolled in Health Nucleus through his affiliation with the Worth Group, an integrated media company that engages sophisticated consumers and world-class brands.  As a prior Worth Ambassador for the Health Nucleus, he’s helped educate his Dallas and New York based networks about this premier genomics-powered, health intelligence platform designed to empower clients and physicians to take control of health.

Marc Kidd explains why the Health Nucleus interested him

Marc Kidd explains the value of preventative medicine

Marc Kidd explains the high quality personal health information Health Nucleus provides

Marc Kidd explains what makes the information you get from Health Nucleus so valuable

Marc Kidd describes how Health Nucleus experts helped him understand his results

Marc Kidd explains a valuable finding that has helped him enhance his quality of life

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