Kirk Posmantur’s Story

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For over 20 years, I’ve represented some of the World’s Greatest Brands, I can honestly say my experience at the Health Nucleus was truly extraordinary and by far the best executive health experience I’ve had to date. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, everything was organized in the most efficient and respectful manner complimented by world class service and care.

What was most remarkable was that in less than three hours, I achieved medical testing that would take other programs at least a full day or more to complete. Most importantly, I was able to see immediate results on many of my most significant health concerns.

I now believe that the greatest gift to any friend, client or partner is the strongest recommendation that they and their loved ones go through the Health Nucleus program – I cannot think of a more valuable and important experience for all of the obvious reasons. Being empowered with the latest and most innovative healthcare technology to address your personal health is truly the ultimate gift.”

Kirk Posmantur, Chairman and CEO of Axcess Worldwide

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