Health Nucleus proprietary imaging protocols combined with the most powerful equipment, create a new industry standard for full-body MRI. All without radiation or contrast agents. It’s a more complete picture of your health available only with Health Nucleus.

Introducing the Health Nucleus MRI

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Reduce the Risk
of False Positives

Health Nucleus employs soft tissue contrast techniques to comprehensively evaluate your health. This specific MRI sequence makes tumors more conspicuous relative to background tissue without the use of contrast agents. This cutting-edge technique reduces false-positive results due to the high degree of accuracy and specificity.

Optimal Images
in Less Time

Health Nucleus MRI is unique because of our proprietary protocols and software that provide high-resolution, non-contrast, radiation-free images from the brain through the pelvis, in less than an hour. Our precise, detailed images enable radiologists to uncover findings that could be missed by standard protocols.

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images to action

Turning Images into Action Through Quantitative Analysis

Most MRI results are assessed based on what the radiologist sees in the image. Health Nucleus also leverages AI to quantify the information from your images so you and your physician can measure key changes. Our full body exams provide meaningful, actionable information of your current state of health evaluated against the four leading causes of age-related disease: cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurologic. *(Note: currently excludes: skin, colon and breast cancers)

Long Term Health Management

The use of Health Nucleus’s MRI extends far beyond the clarity of the images or the comfort of the experience. Unlike the full body CT scans of the past, our radiation free MRIs allow for yearly repeat analysis. Your annual Health Nucleus screening provides you an updated report that tracks your imaging biomarkers allowing you to optimize your health journey over time.

A New Perspective on Body Composition and Metabolic Health

Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, two conditions that can lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2-diabetes, are rampant in today’s society. Yet liver fat, a major risk factor of these conditions, is rarely measured because it typically requires a highly invasive liver biopsy. Health Nucleus evaluates your liver fat and body fat composition via MRI scanning and provides powerful insights into each client’s risk of progression toward these diseases.

Redefining the Standard for Neurologic Health

Your Health Nucleus assessment also includes full imaging of your brain. We apply AI and ML to derive a set of quantitative baseline measurements of brain structure, signs of atrophy and cerebrovascular disease (e.g. stroke). Our non-contrast angiogram examines the brain’s blood vessels and can find brain aneurysms as small as 3 millimeters in diameter. Our dedicated team of data scientists continue to develop predictive imaging biomarkers to assess the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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