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What should I expect when going through the MRI as part of a Health Nucleus Experience?


The MRI is a multisensory experience and takes approximately 60-90 minutes, including breaks. You will be asked to lie flat with a series of “coils” placed around your head and body that help in generating high quality images. Headphones will be provided along with your choice of music, if this is your preference, as well as a series of soothing visuals from which to choose. Clients experience loud noises of varying pitch and duration, along with normal movement and vibration of the table. Due to the unique nature of this test, we ask clients who are or could be claustrophobic to bring oral sedation with them. This can be prescribed in advance of your visit by your primary care physician.

On site, our techs offer a series of calming techniques including aromatherapy, audio and video entertainment, and guided meditation designed to make you as comfortable as possible.

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