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What imaging advances are used for the whole-body, brain and cardiac MRI scan at the Health Nucleus?


The MRI scanners at the Health Nucleus are 3 Tesla (or 3T) with the latest hardware and software upgrades to enhance detection capabilities and reduce scan time. These MRI procedures are non-invasive, radiation free and do not use any contrast dye. This scan provides both qualitative and quantitative measures to establish your own personal baseline.
Our full-body, cardiac and brain MRI takes about 60 – 90 minutes in total. This would take two to three times that long with other MRI scanners using conventional protocols, coils and software and the images would not contain as much signal and have less spatial resolution.

In addition to using advanced MRI technology, our team analyzes the imaging data with proprietary and specialized algorithms to provide valuable insights optimized to provide:

  • Quantitative brain analysis for signs of dementia and other brain disorders
  • Detailed cardiac scan including heart structure and quantitative functional analysis
  • A whole-body scan that can detect some solid organ tumors. This protocol uses advanced diffusion imaging based methods to differentiate high-grade cancerous tumors from benign or low-grade lesions.
  • Metabolic analysis, including body and liver fat measures
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