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What are the steps for a Health Nucleus assessment?


A Health Nucleus assessment includes the following steps:

  • Pre-Visit Consent – We want you to be prepared for your visit, which includes understanding the clinical and research aspects of our program. To ensure that you understand and meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the research study, as well as to inform you of what is included in the testing and results delivery, we provide you with a consent document that outlines the program. You are also give the opportunity to speak with a member of our clinical team to ask any specific health questions you may have.
  • Personal health and family survey: To make your Health Nucleus experience the most relevant and provide you with personalized insights, we will ask you to complete health surveys. This allows us to best tailor the results of your assessment.
  • Health Nucleus Visit – A week before your appointment, we will email you information to prepare for your assessment including information about supplements, medications and logistics. On arrival at the Health Nucleus, one of our concierge team members will escort you to your private client suite. In your suite, we will review your schedule and escort you through the different assessments.
  • Review of Initial Results – We will provide an initial image review at the completion of your visit.
  • Personalized Health Reports – In approximately 8 weeks after your Health Nucleus visit, your complete Health Nucleus report session will be scheduled. At this time, our team of multidisciplinary specialists will have reviewed and assembled the data into a summary report where we consolidate your genomic findings with your phenotype (physical) data.
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