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Are there any restrictions on who can have a Health Nucleus assessment?

  • Our Health Nucleus research protocol is designed to provide whole genome and clinical results to adults 18 years and older. If you have a child that you would like to undergo genetic testing, please discuss this with their pediatrician, or a genetic counselor.
  • To assure the safety of our clients, there are a few individuals who may not be suitable for a Health Nucleus assessment. Our clinical team is available to review and discuss any questions to ensure client safety and candidacy for participation.
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): employs a powerful magnetic field to create images. For that reason, clients with certain implanted devices, foreign bodies, pacemakers, cochlear or ocular implants are advised to avoid MRI scanning. If you have an implanted device, our clinical team would be happy to investigate if it is safe for MRI scanning.
    • Coronary Calcium Scoring: Due to the low likelihood of coronary artery disease in clients younger than age 35, we do not recommend Calcium Scoring in this population. While the dose of radiation from the CT scan is small, we feel that there is insufficient clinical justification in our clients < 35.
    • Women who are pregnant are advised to delay Health Nucleus testing until after childbirth.
    • Clients with an acute medical illness are not considered ideal candidates for this testing. The Health Nucleus platform is for screening and assessing one’s risk for different diseases, as well as early signals of disease risk. This is not a diagnostic disease testing platform.
    • See Health Nucleus eligibility requirements
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