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Entering The Health Nucleus


Getting to Know You

Your visit to the Health Nucleus will include a full 8 hour day of cutting-edge assessments – genomic and other omic testing, cardiometabolic, neurological and early cancer detection – complete with private accommodations for brief breaks in your day. We’ll find out more about you, your health, and family history to build your in-depth health profile.


Curated Health and Family Surveys

Discussions with Your Doctor & Our Clinician


Exploring Your Health

A day-long visit to our Health Nucleus facility for medical and genomic assessment.

Private Health Suite

Advanced Clinical Imaging

Consultation with Our Clinicians


Integrating Your Data

Our clinician and scientist team will integrate your genomic, microbiome, and metabolomic data with your clinical data.

In-depth clinical review of family and medical history

Genomic and Microbiome Annotation

Risk Assessment through overlay of all clinical and genomic data

The Health Nucleus team will also schedule a virtual consultation with your primary care provider to review your integrated health report.


Curated Health Data