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Health Nucleus (HN) uses the latest technological advancements to provide a new standard for personal health. By integrating full body imaging with whole genome sequencing, Health Nucleus CORE is the first personalized assessment to reveal a more complete picture of your past, present and future health status.

Redefining your measure of health

Your Health is More
Than Your Last Checkup

Lifestyle, environment, genetics. You are dynamic and make daily decisions that have an impact on your health. As you change, shouldn’t the way you measure your health change too?

Who is Proactively Managing Your Health?

Whether you are interested in health optimization, have a family history of cardiac disease or cancer, are at risk for diabetes, or simply want to benchmark your general state of health, HN screens for risk factors and early signs of the most prevalent diseases.



Detects signals of solid tumor cancers for further evaluation. (Excludes skin, breast and cancers of GI tract.)



Provides insights into the major functional aspects of the heart.



Measures percentage of liver fat, as well as visceral abdominal fat, giving you insights into diabetes and other metabolic disorders.



Provides quantitative data relating to brain injuries, signs of dementia and other brain disorders.

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“Health Nucleus services are performed as part of a research study aiming to create and maintain high quality integrated personalized health data to facilitate medical discoveries and clinical insights for improvement of human health and the practice of medicine.”